Tracfone Samsung T404G Review

Tracfone Samsung T404G Review frontIn this Tracfone Samsung T404G review, we take a look at a stylish and quality Samsung cell phone with a QWERTY pad for easy text messaging. Even though it is cheap and you may only need it as a short term disposable phone, there are a lot of features within this little package that will come in handy. The reception and call quality is also high quality, so you can expect the communications to be as clear as with any regular high quality cell phone.

To make things even better, TracFone has put together a special phone bundle that includes a refurbished phone, SIM card and 3 months of service for less than $30. The phone service alone sells for $20, and the Triple Minutes For Life benefit is another $20 in value. So that makes this an incredible deal – you are practically receiving the phone for free. You can check to see if this deal is currently available in your local area.

Click here to verify that the TracFone Samsung Disposable Phone T404G phone bundle is available in my area

Easy Set-Up

The TracFone Samsung T404G disposable cell phone bundle has everything you need to get going with it. It comes with the cell phone, SIM cards, as well as 3 months of service time. To get started, you need to place the SIM card in the phone. After charging up the phone with power, you will be ready to activate the phone online, or contact a toll-free number. In most cases, it takes less than an hour to get a working phone number that you can make and receive calls with.

QWERTY Keypad For Texting

Most disposable cell phones feature regular number keypad. They work for texting, but it can be more of a hassle. With the Samsung T404G, you will receive a QWERTY keypad that slides out. Users who do a lot of texting enjoy the convenience this offers.

Voice Quality/Reception Is Great

TracFone’s network covers 99% of areas in the US. Many users are impressed with the quality of reception from TracFone cell phones. With the Samsung T404G, you can expect the same great reception. In addition, the Samsung T404G is well engineered to make sure that voice quality delivered and received is high.

VoiceMail, Call Waiting & Caller ID

Tracfone Samsung T404G review textWith phone communications, it is often convenient to have features of VoiceMail, Call Waiting and Caller ID. These are included with the service at no additional charge. You can also check you voicemail through a landline by calling your TracFone cell phone number and typing in the PIN code.

2.0 Megapixel Camera, Video Recorder & Other Great Features

As much as you may consider this a disposable cell phone for basic phone and text communications, there are many outstanding features included. The phone comes with a 2 megapixel camera and video recorder, mobile Web, speakerphone, vibration alert, phone book that stores up to 1,000 entries and alarm clock. It can also double as an MP3 player but you will need to get a $2 data cable and $4 microSD card to work with it.

Long Battery Life – Less Frequent Charging Required

If you are someone who dislikes the hassle of having to plug in and charge your cellphone all the time, this phone will make things easier. It holds a long battery charge. In fact, some users specifically picked this phone because of the long battery life it provides. It can go for up to 7 hours of talk time, and up to 14.5 days when on standby. You can charge the phone through a wall charger that comes with the package. You can also opt to get a car charger through an accessories kit that includes earphones and a cell phone case ($10 for the kit).

Low Cell Phone Service Cost

TracFone offers the lowest prepaid phone rates around for disposable cell phone users who may not be using their phones all the time. The phone comes packaged with the Triple Minutes For Life benefit. This means that every minute of usage credit will immediately triple! This slashes phone service cost by 67% right away! In this case, included in the package is a 60 minutes card. When you add this to your new cell phone, it immediately triples to 180 minutes. The card included will also provide for 90 days of service time.

Text messages cost 0.3 minutes per message sent and received. US domestic long distance, roaming and international calls can be made at the same rate as it costs to make a local call.

There are also promo codes available through the booklet that comes with the package. These promo codes will add more minutes of usage available to the phone. It is addition bonus that can be accessed, on top of the Triple Minutes For Life benefit. So the 180 minutes can turn in 220 minutes if you get 20 minutes of bonus time through a promo code. You can purchase additional phone cards to recharge the phone at the Tracfone website, supermarkets and convenience stores everywhere.

You can see from this review that the Tracfone Samsung T404G is an excellent phone for text messaging and regular phone calls. For the package deal price of $30 including phone calls, it’s ideal for short term use, you won’t feel the pinch of having to discard it once the use is over. However, it’s such a classy and high quality phone that you may also want to hang on to it and reactivate it again when the occasion rises for its use.

Click here to verify that the TracFone Samsung Disposable Phone T404G phone bundle is available in my area


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