Cheap Disposable Cell Phone – How Much Will It Cost?

Cheap Disposable Cell PhoneA cheap disposable cell phone can be purchased for as little as $10, and sometimes even less. These are usually basic cell phones work very well for voice and text communications. Despite the low price, cheap disposable phones will deliver on the promise of keeping their users in communications with others.

Most cheap disposable cell phones, even though they are considered basic, have the vibrate alert feature, calculators and alarm clocks built-in. Many will also have speakerphones and will work with bluetooth headsets for handsfree conversations. In addition, some may also include features like a camera and mobile web access. All these extras allow users the convenience of getting info off the internet, or taking pictures that capture those special unexpected moments.

Cheapest Disposable Cell Phone

One good example is the Samsung T245 by Tracfone. At just $7, it is the cheapest disposable cell phone you can probably find at the moment. Besides the phone camera included, also comes in a nice flip style design that users find attractive.

When considering the cost for a disposable mobile phone, you also need to factor in the cost of using the cell phone. This will bump the cost up by an extra $10 – $20 at the minimum. These disposable cell phones are powered by prepaid phone services. What that means is that you will need to purchase credits, usually in the form of airtime cards, that you can load onto the phone for it to function.

How Cheap Is Disposable Cell Phone Service?

Presently, prepaid phone plans cost as little as $10 to start for a month’s service. The cost vary by cell phone carriers and the type of plans. $10 is the bare minimum it would take, with any carrier out there. With Tracfone, the minimum value for prepaid service sold is $20, but it lasts for 3 months and works out to $6.67 a month.

You can probably save some money by going for disposable phone deals that package a phone together with airtime credits. These can cost as little as $20, all in for both the phone plus service. You can check out this Samsung disposable cell phone bundle for $20. If you are looking for a cheap way to have a disposable cell phone that you can use, that is the best and cheapest way to go. Otherwise, the cost of paying for the phone and service time separately can add up and be more expensive.

Cheap Disposable Phones – Other Shopping Considerations

In case anyone is wondering if there is an extra cost for the SIM that will allow the phone to connect to the phone network, these usually come bundled with the phone handset sold.

The cheapest disposable cell phones always are locked to the network. So an AT&T GoPhone Samsung will only work using AT&T prepaid cell phone services, or a TracFone disposable Samsung phone will only work with TracFone’s services. You cannot mix and match.

The alternative of mixing unlocked phones with prepaid phone services will not yield such inexpensive prices. Even the lowest rung of used unlocked phones will cost $20 or more, compared with $10 for an awesome prepaid cell phone branded to phone companies. Unless you have a relative or friend who has a spare phone to pass to you for free, you are better off paying for a new cheap prepaid disposable cell phone for ten bucks, or $20 for a bundled phone and service option. That way, you will avoid problems with phone and network compatibility.


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