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best disposable cell phonesThe best disposable cell phones today are cheap and reliable. There are a number of cell phone companies offering disposable cell phones today. They include TracFone, Net 10, AT&T GoPhone, T-Mobile and Virgin Mobile. Most would agree that the best and cheapest disposable cellphones come from TracFone. They are the largest prepaid cell phone company in the US. Not only that, their phones and service options are tailored towards people who need a cheap phone and light to moderate usage of it.

The cheapest TracFone disposable cell phones cost about $10. You will also need to add service time and usage minutes to it, costing an additional $20. However, TracFone runs a lot of promotions and right now, you can also purchase cell phone bundles that comes complete with a prepaid disposable cellphone, SIM card and 90 days of use for as little as $20. That includes everything you need to get a disposable cell phone with a working phone number and service time.

If you text a lot, you can also get phones with QWERTY keypads, for about $20. These are quality cell phones from manufacturers like LG, Samsung and Motorola.

TracFone has a great phone network. Most users find their call connections clear and reliable. They have network bandwidth agreements that use the networks of companies like AT&T, T-Mobile and Verizon, which helps to expand their coverage while offering reliable service. In fact, TracFone’s coverage is complete on over 99% of the areas in the US. A few users were even surprised that their disposable phones offered better reception than their main cell phones.

Best Disposable Cell Phones: Where To Buy

To get started with TracFone, check out their website. You need to key in the Zip code where the phone will be activated to get a list of phones and offers that will work in your area. Right now, TracFone has an attractive phone bundle that includes a disposable cell phone, SIM card and 3 months of service for less than $20.

The advantage of going directly to the TracFone site rather than a store is that you get to verify that the TracFone you are buying actually works for your area. Some users have reported that phones purchased from local stores did not work for them in the same local area where the phone was be used. You can buy these disposable phones and prepaid phone cards locally at Walmart, 7-11 or Radio Shack, but it’s prudent to verify that the phone works in your area before buying.

Another plus of using the TracFone website is that you will be able to access online discounts and low priced complete disposable cell phone bundles that include the SIM card and usage time.

If you are heavier user that require more than 120 minutes or 360 text messages a month, Net10 can be a better choice. Net10 is the sister company of TracFone that offers cheap prepaid disposable phones. The main difference is that Net10′s cellular phone plans are geared towards better pricing for moderate to heavy users compared to TracFone.

With Net 10, you can get cell phone services for 750 minutes a month for $25, and if you need more, there are unlimited talk, text and data options as well.

Again, there are no contracts involved, so use the disposable cell phone for however many weeks, months, or years you need to, and then stop paying. You can keep the phone and reactivate it for use when you need to again.

For more choices on the best disposable cell phones, check out the disposable phone reviews section.


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