Disposable Cell Phones US Guide

disposable cell phonesDisposable cell phones are great items to have whether you just need a temporary replacement phone or a cheap phone that allows you to communicate effectively.

These are cheap cell phones that can be bought online or in stores and activated to work for as long as you want. The basic ones allow you to make calls and text. With more advanced models, you can also check email and do web browsing through them.

In the following paragraphs, we will explain more about the uses disposable cells phones and where you can buy them. If you want quick answers, you can skip ahead to the Disposable Cell Phone FAQs section, or browse the Best Disposable Cell Phones article.

Disposable Cell Phones – Why Use Them?

Disposable cell phones are useful to people for lots of different reasons. Many use them as a second phone, whether to complement their landline, or to their existing cell phones. The phones are inexpensive. If you were to lose it, it’s not a big loss. However, many do keep and use it over long periods of time, for several years and longer, just like with a regular cell phone.

“Disposable” refers to it being cheap and less fancy, so that once you are through with using it, it can be given or thrown away without feeling a great loss. But you can also choose to have it as your regular cell phone, by adding more prepaid cell phone service time to the unit.

If you are visiting the US for a vacation, or a short stay, disposable cell phones are perfect to have for conveniently making inexpensive phone calls. Likewise, if you are on a cross-country trip and don’t want to bring your main cell phone with you in case you lose it, these are perfect phone units to have for maintaining phone and text communications.

You do not need to worry about the expensive phone charges hotels or motels typically have, or go through the trouble of locating a public phone and having enough change to make a call. It’s also less complicated and cheaper than purchasing a new cell phone that will work in the area and matching it up with the right SIM card and short term phone plan.

For some users, a disposable cell phone phone number serves as a separate phone line for taking certain kinds of calls. You do not have to give out your main phone number when you feel uncomfortable, but still have a chance to communicate with others. It’s also great for making anonymous cell phone calls, as you won’t be using your regular cell phone number that is tied to your name.

Katie Holmes used a disposable cell phone to plan for her divorce from in Tom Cruise in secret. Most of us are not caught in difficult situations like that, but sometimes we want to remain anonymous and make calls that are not easily traceable back to us for our privacy and protection.

Where To Buy Disposable Cell Phones

A disposable cell phone can be easily purchased online or at retail stores like Target, Best Buy, 7-11 or Radio Shack. It’s typically a basic cell phone that accommodates calling and text messaging for less than $20. These are prepaid cell phones. That means that you pay for short-term (30 days to 365 days) use of them upfront. They operate without needing any sort of phone contracts that regular cellphones have.

You can purchase as much credits (eg. 60 minutes of talking) as you need for the immediate and then recharge your phone with more credits as you go along. Another term for these phones is Prepaid or Pay As You Go Phones.

Getting A Disposable Cell Phone To Work

The phone package will include a SIM card that allows the phone to connect to a local phone network for calls. Your disposable prepaid phone service will be offered through the carrier that your phone is tied to. There are several reputable prepaid cell phone carriers that offer disposable cell phones, such as TracFone, Net10, Virgin Mobile and AT&T Go Phone.

You can activate the phone and get a disposable cell phone number by calling the customer support phone number indicated on the cellphone user guide, or going online. Once you have activated the phone, you also need to add some service time and credits for making calls, text messaging or accessing data.

These come in the form of airtime cards. They can be purchased and activated online or directly over the phone since you now have the phone activated. An example would be to purchase 120 minutes that can be good for use of up to 3 months.

As explained above, a disposable cell phone can be used for the long term as well. You just need to add service time and usage credits to it periodically. These phones can typically function for less than $10 a month, and less if you choose to purchase service time by the year.

In summary, disposable cell phones are cheap and basic plastic cell phones that are easy to buy and use. They are prepaid cell phones that work by paying for short-term service. There are a number of disposable phone companies in the US, and TracFone has often been cited as offering the best deals and services by users.


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